Counter Strike 2.1

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Counter Strike2.1

Name: Counter Strike2.1

Size: 528 MB.

No ads.

Online Servers.

100 FPS.

No Lag, No Choke.

Dual Protocol. 47+48.

Slowhack protection from online servers.

Fast download.

Install anywhere on your disk.

Name settings and other settings it's save.

General Modification:

  • Skin Modification: 0%
  • Models Modification: 0%.
  • Sounds Modification: 0%.
  • Textures Modification: 0%.

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Counter Strike 1.6 2022 Edition. HD Models

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Our Counter-Strike 1.6 version introduce some new features, new console commands and launch options. Graphically it is the most modern version. The latest high quality models for both tero and ct are included. We offer the fastest servers to download our client. The download takes a maximum of 2 minutes, depending on your internet speed. The installation also takes a maximum of 2 minutes. In total you need 4 minutes to download and install this wonderful game. You can download the game from the 4 four servers available with locations in France, Italy, Germany or Romania. You also have the option to download the game through a torrent client. This is the best version of Counter Strike 1.6 available right now! Contains the latest improvements and news! It is preferred by over 99% of Counter Strike 1.61 players! Low lag, high fps and 0 bugs! 

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 Click here for download torrent.

After installation, if the game does not start. Right click on the icon and then select the "run as administrator" option. Most of the time, the game will start, this solution being valid in very few cases. After downloading and installing the game Counter Strike 1.6, you can play online with other players or with bots. In the list of servers you will have where to choose servers from different modes or number of players. Servers can be classified according to ping, number of players or the desired map. The most popular maps are: De_Dust2, Fy_Snow, De_Inferno, De_Nuke, De_Aztec, Awp_India etc. The bots mode can be played on any map you want. Once you have selected the map, you will be able to enter bots from the H key. The path of the bots will then be configured on that map and you are ready to play. Popular mods availabe: Normal/Clasic, Respawn, GunGame/Deathmatch, Zombie, Furien, BaseBuilder, CSGO, HNS, Jail Break etc


Counter Strike most popular versions:

Counter Strike - was launched by Valve in 2000 for PC, Xbox, OS X and Linux. Is one of the most popular versions.

Counter Strike 1.5 - It is the second most popular version of Counter Strike. It is the first to lay the current foundations of the game. Most successful maps have been created on this version. It is the first stable and popular version of the game.

Counter Strike 1.6 - It is the most popular version of the Counter Strike game of all time. It has been played by millions of players around the world. It's still a pretty played version. It is a version that offers the strongest feeling of nostalgia. It was launched in 2003 and enjoyed enormous success in a short time. This version enjoyed different tournaments organized in different countries, the game mode of the teams being 5vs5. It is a version that has enjoyed a lot of game maps, updates but also customizations from the fans. The style of play was improved compared to previous versions. The competitive style really made an appearance on this version. 5vs5 mix games are still popular right now.

Counter Strike Condition-Zero - It was launched in 2004 and has been noted for offering an interesting campaign mode. Compared to version 1.6 it does not offer too many changes. The graphics have been slightly improved on the weapons and models. Unfortunately, the game did not enjoy as much popularity as Counter Strike 1.6. It was created by Ritual Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios in collaboration with Valve. He stood out with weather effects, Molotov cocktails and some new weapons. On the competitive side, however, it did not arouse interest.

Counter Strike 1.6 Info:

 Launch date: 1 November 2000 Last update: 23.06.2020
Developer: Valve Genre: Action, Shooter
 Size: 244 MB. No Ads
 Best online servers to play  Variety of mods to play.
 FPS: +100  Lag/ping: minimum
 Protocol: 47+48  Engine: Newest, 2020
 Download speed: Very fast  Installation time: Very fast
 Steam HD Models.  Free version.
 Compatible: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10  100% same models and skins as Steam.
 Antivirus tested, no virus.  Best online version to play, bots included.

How to download and install this game on your PC or Laptop:

First, sellect the servers, you can chose to download from server 1 France, server 2 Germany, server 3 Italy, server 4 Romania or to download with torrent. After click the server, sellect save and wait for the download to complete. After the download is complete, run the setup file. Sellect Yes when Windows pop-up the window to allow this app. After this step, sellect Next, Next, Next and Start. After the installation process is complete, the game will run.

System Requirements:

 CPU:  800 Mhz Intel/AMD
 Ram:  128 MB
 Video Card:  32 MB Intel HD/nVidia/AMD
 HDD/SSD Space:  1 GB
 OS:  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
 Others:  Keyboard, mouse. optional: headphones and mic

Weapons/Guns in Counter Strike 1.6:

 Name:  Type: Team:  Money:  Ammo:  Power/Damage:
 Knife Knife  CT & Tero  -  -  65



 Pistol  CT & Tero  400 $  20/100  25



 Pistol  CT & Tero  500 $  12/100  34


SIG P228

Pistol  CT & Tero  600$  13/52  32


Desert Eagle

 Pistol  CT & Tero  650$  7/35  54

 Five Seven

 Pistol  Counter  750$  20/100  20

 Dual Elites

 Pistol  Tero  800$  30/120  36

 M3 Super90

 ShotGun  CT & Tero  1700$  8/32  180

Benelli XM1014

 ShotGun  CT & Tero  3000$  7/32  120

 Steyr TMP

SMG  Counter  1400$  30/120  20


SMG Tero 1400$ 30/100 29


SMG CT & Tero 1500$ 30/120 26


SMG CT & Tero 1700$ 25/100 30


SMG CT & Tero 2350$ 50/100 21

 FN M249 Para

Big Gun CT & Tero  5750$  100/200  32

 IDF Defender

Rifle  Tero  2000$  35/90  30


Rifle  Counter  2250 $  25/90  30


Rifle  Tero  2500$  30/90  36

 Colt M4A1

Rifle  Counter  3100$  30/90  32

 Sig SG-552

Rifle  Tero  3500$  30/90  33

 Steyr AUG

Rifle  Counter  3500$  30/90  32

Steyr Scout

Sniper  CT & Tero  2750$  10/90  75

 Magnum Sniper

Sniper  CT & Tero  4750$  10/30  115

 G3/SG-1 Sniper

Sniper  Tero  5000$  20/90  80

 Sig SG-550

Sniper  Counter  4200$  30/90  70

Counter Strike 1.6 equipment:

Denumire: Tip: Tabara: Pret: Obiectiv:

HE Grenade

Grenade CT & Tero 300$ To make damage

Flash Bang

Grenade CT & Tero 200$ Disorientation


Grenade CT & Tero 300$ Low visibility


 C4 Bomb  Tero  - Bum Bum

Defuse Kit

 Defusing  CT  200$ Fast defusing


 Protection  CT & Tero  650$ Low damage


Kevlar + Helmet

 Protection   CT & Tero  1000$ Low damage



Green vision    CT & Tero  1250$ You see in darkness


Protection Counter 2200$

Protection wall







© 2024 Download Best versions of Counter Strike 1.6. Free version, no bugs, no lag and original best version. The most popular mods: Bomb defusal and Hostage Rescue. For this mods are maps with type: de_mapname or cs_mapname. The most popular maps are: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_aztec, de_nuke, cs_militia, cs_italy, cs_assault, de_nuke, de_cbble, cs_office. Main games: Counter Strike 1.5, Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Condition Zero, Counter Strike Source, and Counter Strike Globall Offensive. The most popular game in this series remains counter strike 1.6. Our best counter strike 1.6 is the original setup, and is the first. Try it!