Counter-Strike 1.6 Configs

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Do you need a cfg to improve the game? Below we have the best configs of the best counter strike 1.6 players in the world. After you download it, unzip the config.cfg file in the cstrike folder. Then enter cs and write in the exec console the name of config.cfg. I used nameconfig as an example.

Good luck with the game!

How to download, install and use a Config/CFG.

1. Download the file by pressing the download button

2. Extract the config.cfg and userconfig.cfg files from the CS 1.6 /cstrike folder

3. Replace the config.cfg, userconfig.cfg or rename a.cfg file

4. Launch the game and then type in exec console config.cfg or a.cfg

Markeloff Config Download
No Recoil Config CFG Download
NEO Config CFG Download
HZ Aim Config CFG Download
Heaton Config CFG Download
GeT_RiGhT CFG Config Download
F0rest CFG Config Download
Fast CUP CFG Config  Download
FPS Boost CFG Config Download
REVO Aim CFG Config Download
Walle CFG Config Download
Steam CFG Config Download
SedaN CFG Config Download
AIM - FPS Boost CFG Config Download
Super FPS Boost CFG Config Download
SNK CFG Config Download

taz CFG - Download

solo CFG - Download

Cyx CFG - Download

fury CFG - Download

n0thing CFG - Dowload

Edward CFG - Download

Get_Right CFG - Download


markeloff CFG - Download

neo CFG - Download

Sedan CFG - Download

Walle CFG - Download

hoooch CFG - Download

Heaton CFG - Download

Zonic CFG - Download

Perry CFG - Download

Spawn CFG - Download

f0rest CFG - Download

fRoD CFG - Download

Johnny R CFG - Download

diGiTaL CFG - Download

Dosia CFG - Download

asW Config - Download

face Config - Download

cogu Config - Download

gob b Config - Download

Zeus Config - Download

snk Config - Download

Counter Strike 1.6 Maps

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A series of maps for the game Counter Strike 1.6, very nice maps!

Download the file, unzip it using winrar and then move the files to the cstrike/maps folder.

Map image Map name Download Map
De_Tuscan - big map. click here
$100$ - small map click here
   De_Dust2_Mini - small map. click here
   Fy_Out - small map. click here
   Aim_Map - small map. click here
   Fy_Pool_Day - small map. click here
   Fy_IceWorld -  small map. click here
   De_Rats_1337 - big map. click here
   Fun_minecraft_v2 - small map. click here
  De_historic_kitchen - big map. click here
   Aim_Ak-Colt click here
   Aim_Ak-Colt-Pool click here
   Aim_Map_2010 click here
   Css_Deagle click here
   Aim_woodpool_final click here
   Awp_Space_Ships click here
   Awp_LegoCs16 click here
   Awp_India2011 click here
   Awp_Lego9 click here
   Css_Bycastor click here
  Awp_Arabia click here
   Fy_NukeTown click here
   Fy_Inceworld2K click here
  Fy_Buzzkill click here
   Fy_Orange_Pro click here
   Fy_Mario click here
   Fy_Houses click here
   Fy_Desert click here
   Css_Dust2_Go click here
   Css_Cache click here
   De_Duzt2 click here
   Css_Mirage_Go click here
   De_Mon click here
   De_Cpl_Mill click here
   De_Dust2_Xmass click here
   De_Bank_CsGO click here
   Zm_Austria click here
   Zm_Dust_World click here
   Zm_ice_attack click here

Counter Strike 1.6 Skins

Counter Strike 1.6 Skins - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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Nice Counter Strike 1.6 Skins.

After download, unzip and extract files in cstrike/models. cstrike/models are located in counter strike 1.6 folder.

Name Weapon Sound Image Skin Download
Aug Queen AUG Yes click here
 Skull Siege  Desert Eagle  Yes   click here
 Ak47-Jewelay  Ak-47  Yes   click here
 USP Monster  USP  No   click here
 AUG BattleField  AUG  Yes   click here
 Butterfly Dragonian  Knife  No   click here
 AWP Poly Barret  AWP-Sniper  Yes   click here
 USP Orion  USP-Pistol  Yes   click here
 Glock Pink  Glock-Pistol  Yes   click here
 M4A1 Jungle  M4A1-B43  No   click here
 Ak47-Orion  AK47  No   click here
 Sig550 Cardiac  SIG 550  No   click here
 M4A4 Asimov  M4A1-B43  No   click here
 M4A4 Howl  M4A1-B43  No   click here
 Deagle Corinthian  Desert Eagle  No   click here
 Glock Polymer  Glock  No   click here
UMP45 Mandatory UMP45-SMG No click here
Bayonet Deep Space Knf No click here
Pink Axe Knf Yes click here
Karambit Lore Knf No click here
 Glock Lore  Glock T  Yes   click here
 Glock Tri Strike  Glock T  No   click here
 USP Ticket  USP CT  No   click here
 USP Night Shark    No   click here
 Deagle Tiger  Desert Eagle  No   click here
 Deagle Crown  Desert Eagle  No   click here
 Deagle Obsidian  Desert Eagle  No   click here
 Ak47 Vulcan  Ak47 - T  No   click here
 Ak47 Curzon  Ak47 - T  No   click here
 Ak47 Disarray  Ak47 - T  No   click here
 Ak47 BloodSport  Ak47 - T  No   click here
 Ak47 NightMare  Ak47 - T  Yes   click here
 Ak47 Anubis  Ak47 - T  No   click here
 Ak47 Performance  Ak47 - T  No   click here
 M4A1 Dragon King  M4A1 - CT  No   click here
 M4A1 Urban Assault   M4A1 - CT  No   click here
 M4A1 Codol Tech   M4A1 - CT  Yes   click here
 M4A1 Hell Fire   M4A1 - CT  No   click here
 M4A1 Low Desert   M4A1 - CT  No   click here
 M4A1 Ledead Glass   M4A1 - CT  No   click here
 AWP Dragon Lore  AWP-Sniper  No   click here
 AWP Ever Dream  AWP-Sniper  No   click here
 AWP Atheris  AWP-Sniper  No   click here
 AWP Containment  AWP-Sniper  No   click here
 AWP GoldenLy  AWP-Sniper  No   click here
 AWP Iron Man  AWP-Sniper  No   click here
 AWP Tiger  AWP-Sniper  No   click here
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